To new beginnings…

I have been thinking of this blog for too long. And so on a lazy, hazy Saturday afternoon I have finally put thoughts into action and created what I hope will become an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, ideas, lessons and ramblings on all food related issues and non-issues.

I grew up in a European family where procuring and cooking food was a daily occurrence, characterized by the ritual of turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary meals. Never mind the magic that took place in my mother’s, grandmother’s or extended family’s kitchens when a celebration was in order…and really any event, big or small, was a cause for celebration.

Looking back it really is not surprising at all that I have cultivated a passion for food that extends beyond my personal life and into my professional one as well. A passion that over the years has really grown and expanded to encompass many interests and the desire to learn so much more. Join me as I share my experiences and adventures with you, providing recipes, tips, ideas and so much more along the way!

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