Just some of the ingredients that I will be using tonight to bake up a sweet little treat. Any guesses of what it might be?? Stay tuned for the big reveal on Thursday…

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4 Responses to Sweeeeeet!

  1. Eva D'Ange;p says:

    Hey ,

    I know exactley what you are making…but I won’t give it away, incase someone else wants to guess. I see you are personalizing it for St. Patrick’s day ; ) . Save a piece for me and baby!

  2. Kate says:

    To be very honest Ilona, I often think about this cake! I remember when I first tried it, you made it for Ewa’s bachelorette party! It was divine. So moist! And the icing!! ohhh The Icing!! So delicious! Damn you for reminding me of it.

  3. Ula says:

    Yes it is sweet and good!

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